Demo Reel (2017) see newest animations below!

List of 3D Animations

I Hate Festivals (December 2019)
Moonlight Dance (November 2019)
Simple Poly Exercise (November 2019)
Beeware Little Bear (August 2019)
Codename (September 2017)
Dear Enemy (July 2017)
Baby Bot (2017) 
A Better Lie Than That! (May 2017)
Pushing (August 2017)
Wall Jump (July 2017)
Chicken and Egg (June 2017)
Character Walking Cycle (2015)

List of 2D Animations

Creature Walk - Cheetah (August 2019)
Character Run - Hata (September 2019)
Character Pantomime - Hata (December 2019)
Creature Character Run - Potea the Cheetah  (Augustt 2019)
Marching Frog (November 2019)
Character Lip Sync - "Come on Potea!" (November 2019)
Dodgeball (April 2018)
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